How to video: Create Optional Cascading Drop-Down Filters on SharePoint List Forms

I knew I was going to like the ability to customize list item forms in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath. The ability to filter drop down list choices based on a previous selection in the form is something many people ask for.

I have created a SharePoint 2010 tutorial/training  video that shows how to customize the new item form in InfoPath, wire up drop down choice lists to information in a SharePoint list and filter and have the choices in one drop down filter the choices in the next. And yes, the use of the filters is an option for the user.


The facilities department is responsible for equipment in offices, manufacturing and retail sales locations in thirty or more buildings located in about a dozen cities in three states. This solution gives users the choice of picking directly from the entire list of buildings or filtering first by state and city (see screenshot above).

The video below will walk you through the entire process from creating a custom list, adding a lookup column that pulls back multiple columns of meta data, customizing the list item form in InfoPath and wiring up the optional cascading filtered drop down choice fields.