fast-train-362x2583 Day Class | Instructor-Led | Live Online or Classroom

What to expect:

  • Three days of expert instruction taking you from square one to SharePoint Power User by teaching you SharePoint capabilities that most users don’t even know exist!
  • An expert SharePoint instructor
  • Engaging classroom experience or fully interactive online experience – your choice
  • Perfect mix of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab exercises
  • A comprehensive  course manual developed by the SharePoint experts at PremierPoint Solutions, rather than generic\biased vendor-developed curriculum

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the concepts and terminologies unique to SharePoint 2013
  • Create, organize, discover, and share information with SharePoint 2013
  • Use SharePoint 2013 for Enterprise Content Management
  • Use the social computing features in SharePoint 2013
  • Create powerful user-friendly forms with InfoPath
  • Create Business Intelligence displays using Excel Services

Benefits to you and your organization:

  • Workplace-ready SharePoint skills
  • Proficiency and confidence to use SharePoint’s features effectively
  • The skill to create, customize, and maintain SharePoint 2013 sites
  • Understanding of, and ability to competently use, SharePoint’s key components and features:
    • Site Collections and Sites
    • Lists and Libraries
    • Columns and Views
    • Web Parts
    • Document Management features
    • Social Computing features
    • Digital forms and Workflow
    • Business Intelligence and Excel Services
    • Content Types
    • Managed Metadata
    • Web Content Management
    • And much, much more

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2013

View, tour, and explore the SharePoint 2013 interface

Module 2: Document Libraries

  • The purpose and function of Libraries
  • Creating a Library
  • Storing documents by uploading them to SharePoint 2013
  • Creating and editing Metadata columns
  • Why Metadata is a critical choice
  • The purpose and function of Views
  • Creating, editing, and using Views
  • Outlook connections

Module 3: Office Web Applications

  • The purpose and function of Office Web Applications
  • Co-authoring with Office Web Apps
  • Notes, change tracking, and embedding presentations

Module 4: Basic Document Management

  • Major and Minor versions of documents
  • Draft, publishing, and approving documents
  • Document check-in and check-out
  • Restoring deleted documents

Module 5: Lists

  • List vs. Library
  • List templates
  • Customizing Lists

Module 6: Pages and Web Parts

  • Wiki pages vs. Web Part pages
  • Creating, editing, and deleting pages
  • Creating, editing, and deleting Web Parts

Module 7: Creating and Managing Sites

  • Site hierarchy, Site Collections, and inheritance
  • Creating, editing, and deleting a site
  • Site Templates
  • Creating and editing site navigation

Module 8: Security

  • SharePoint Groups and Permissions levels
  • Site Owners, Members, and Visitors
  • Customizing Security
  • SharePoint 2013 “share” buttons
  • Testing permissions

Module 9: Social Computing

  • My Profile and My Site
  • Newsfeeds and Yammer
  • Site Newsfeeds
  • Hashtags
  • “Following” people, documents, Libraries, Lists, and Sites
  • Skydrive vs SkyDrive Pro
  • Synchronizing Libraries

Module 10: Enterprise Search

  • Search Refiners
  • Keywords, Best Bets, and Query Rules
  • People Search
  • Search Alerts
  • Content Search Web Part

Module 11: Calendars

  • Adding and editing Calendars
  • Calendars vs. Lists
  • Calendar Overlays
  • Calendars and Outlook

Module 12: Tasks

  • Task Lists vs. Lists
  • Timeline and Gantt Views
  • My Site task integration
  • Newsfeed items turned into tasks

Module 13: Alerts and RSS

  • Creating, editing, and deleting Alerts on items, lists, and libraries
  • RSS feeds from SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Using Outlook or Internet Explorer to track RSS feeds

Module 14: Surveys

  • Creating, editing, and deleting Surveys
  • Logical branching using question responses
  • Reporting on Surveys

Module 15: Communities

  • Creating, configuring, and editing Communities
  • Discussions in Communities
  • Social capabilities of Communities
  • Categories, levels, and badges
  • Community moderation

Module 16: Customizing Navigation and Look-and-Feel

  • Customizing Global (Top Link Bar) and Current (Quick Launch) navigation
  • Site themes, icons, colors, and fonts

Module 17: Content Types

  • Creating, editing, and deleting Site Columns
  • Creating, editing, and deleting Content Types
  • Inheritance
  • Using Content Query Web Part for easy cross-site sharing

Module 18: Workflow

  • Creating, editing, and deleting a Workflow
  • Out-of-the-box Workflows
  • Adding Workflows to Lists and Libraries
  • User interaction with Workflows

Module 19: Rich Media Management

  • Media Management storage and features with SharePoint 2013
  • Embedding media stored in SharePoint

Module 20: Managed Metadata

  • Creating, editing, managing, and deleting Managed Metadata with the Term Store Service
  • Applying Managed Metadata to Lists and Libraries
  • Managed Metadata site navigation
  • Metadata navigation and filtering

Module 21: Publishing and Web Content Management

  • Purpose, function, and advantages of using Publishing Features
  • Publishing Pages and Page Layouts
  • Publishing Approval Workflows
  • Brief Introduction to Design Manager and Device Channels

Module 22: Audience Targeting

  • Targeting navigation and Web Parts to groups of individuals
  • Creating dashboards using Audience Targeting
  • Using the Content Query Web Part to target specific items for display from Lists and Libraries

Module 23: Document Sets

  • Creating, editing, and deleting Document Sets
  • Adding Document Sets to Libraries
  • Special features of Document Sets that make them VERY useful

Module 24: InfoPath

  • Introduction to InfoPath and why it’s important

Module 25: Excel Services

  • Excel Services and Business Intelligence

Module 26: Central Administration

  • Introduction to Central Administration
  • Discussion of advanced SharePoint administration functions

This course is designed for users who are already comfortable working with browser-based business applications.

If this is you, all that is needed is to bring to class a desire to learn SharePoint 2013!

Each student will be provided with the following:

  • A custom-developed, comprehensive electronic course manual containing:
    • Presentation slides with speaker notes, and
    • Step-by-step, scripted hands-on lab exercises
  • Remote Desktop access to your own SharePoint site on a virtual server for one full week

Each onsite student will need to bring a qualifying laptop to the class in order to use Remote Desktop to connect to your lab environment. Likewise, each Live Online student will need to have a qualifying computer to participate. (Click here to verify that your laptop or desktop meets the minimum requirements.)

Note: Please use the 3-day class column in the table below to determine the pricing for this course.

Class Pricing and Discount Offers

Pricing for:2-day class3-day class4-day classCoupon Code
REGULAR ATTENDEE$995$1695$1895
GOVERNMENT (Federal, State, Local employees)$995$1095$1695GOVT
ACADEMIC (Educational employees)$995$1095$1695ACAD
NON-PROFIT (Non-profit organization employees)$995$1095$1695NONP
GROUP (2 or more attending same class)$995$1595$1795GROUP

Registration Fee Includes

The registration fee includes your tuition and course materials.

It DOES NOT include hotel lodging, airfare, ground transportation, or meals.


Any cancellations up to 30 days before the start of the course will be charged $300. Cancellations within 30 days of the start of the course will be charged $700. Refunds will be sent no later than 30 days after the scheduled course start date.

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